Monday, 27 January 2014

Late January Updates

I don't know why I'm calling this an updates post - there's not a great deal to update you on. I feel like January has gone so quickly (only four days left, whaaat??) and that I haven't done much in that time. I honestly can't tell you anything special I did last week, or the week before, or the week before that. It feels like I have so many plans for the future but that I'll never get there. Rather, it's going to take a long, long time to get there. I'll do what I usually do when I feel lazy and overwhelmed and that is to write a list of January's happenings.

1) I locked in my firm - Chester - and my insurance - Anglia Ruskin - choices on UCAS today. I was a bit sad to see my other three offers automatically delete themselves but hey, it has to be done.

2) I've spent some time trying to apply for student finance today but it's complicated and I'm lazy so I've given up for now.

3) I am drowning in coursework for school and I feel like wailing 24/7 and letting the whole world know I can't coooooope! I'm sure it will get better; this week is just a bit of a let's-bury-Kate-in-essays one.

4) It's my last ever parents evening on Thursday. LAST EVER! How crazy is that? After this, there's going to be no more of "oh I guess I should behave because my parents are going to get told about it". I like to work on a need-to-know basis with my parents with regards to everything, be it school, boys, friends, outings, anything. And after Thursday, they don't need to know a single thing about my progress (or lack of) at school.

5) The Rookie yearbooks are a total godsend and there's a story in yearbook two which has hit me particularly hard. It's called "The Year I Learned Everything" and it's on page 288 should you have RYB2 and want to read it again. You could read it on the Rookie website too. Although it's a short story, I feel a review coming on.

6) I kind of don't want winter to end. It's my favourite season and I love wrapping up warmly and thinking about snow (not that there has been any!) and drinking hot things. However, this summer is going to be cray good, I hope, with the end of school forever, going to Zante, the Lake District and Germany, our prom, and just freedom. Can you tell the only thing getting me through everything right now is the thought of summer?

7) On Friday, I went out with the guy I may or may not be kind of seeing/ dating-type thing and we were going to go and sit in a pub - that word makes me feel like a man - and maybe just drink J2Os, not even anything alcoholic. As it turned out, little underage me wasn't even allowed in to this "family friendly" pub, even just to eat - I asked. Since when was that a rule? It's a stupid rule fo sho.

I think that's everything I've been doing as of late. Also, I'd be interested to know if you guys think it's rude to go to a restaurant and just order starters (let's say the starters are bloody huge, okay?) and drinks. Is that bad? Please leave a comment letting me know yo thoughts, it's something I've been wondering about.

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  1. I've totally gone into restaurants to order dessert + drinks before! They are usually pretty ncie especially if you tell them from the beginning!

    Would appreciate if you checked my blog

  2. Loved reading this post Kate! I totally know what you mean with regards to school work, I'm so behind on blogging! Well done on putting in your UCAS choices, what do you want to study? x