Sunday, 12 January 2014

Girls love girls and boys

On my aforementioned little shopping excursion to Kingston last week, I also picked up a pretty simple red (or coral, if we're getting technical) dress from H&M. It's a pretty flattering cut for someone with a body shape like mine, ie: curvy, perhaps bordering on slightly overweight but hey, let's make the most of those, um, assets. I didn't buy it for anything as such; it's just something to wear to school with a jacket and Doc Martens. I love how wearable it is, and I've also been told by my mother that I wear a lot of dark colours so it's something to liven up my wardrobe - or floordrobe - a bit.

Also, thanks to Rebecca Black's highly entertaining videos (love that gurl), I've discovered our song of the day:

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