Friday, 17 January 2014

A rite of passage

I've just booked my first holiday! Without parents, that is. Well, I say it's my first - it's kind of my second. I went to France in the summer of 2012 without my parents but I stayed in my friend's holiday villa out there and, while we were left alone for 98% of the time, there was at least some form of parental supervision. But this time, there will be none! Unless my parents are doing that whole Sun-Sex-And-Suspicious-Parents thing and are going to come and spy on us. Please lord, no. The ZANTE experience cannot be ruined.

My best gal pals and I popped down to Thomsons on Wednesday and found a great package deal for only £388. We went away and thought about it and did some research on the hotel bla bla, all the boring bits, and we went back today to try and book it. But, in the two days, the price had risen to £496. Over a hundred bloody pounds more expensive?? We freaked the frick out. We didn't really want to spend much more than £400 so the nice lady there found a couple more deals at different hotels for £430 - the cheapest there is now. It's mad, everyone is booking their trips, like, today. In the time it took us to decide between the two new deals, one of them rose to £465 because someone had bought the cheaper flights.

I don't know why I'm giving you the rundown of my time at Thomsons but one useful thing can be taken from this: if you want to book a "lads holiday" this summer to a party island, do it now. It's only getting more expensive! But I'm so blooming excited. Part of me thinks I'm not, like, chavvy enough to be doing a holiday like this (no judgement, I promise) but the other part of me knows it's going to be so so so much fun.




I am off to the beautiful Greek island of Zante with five of my best friends to frolic on the beach, eat fabulous food, and perhaps visit a, erm, club or two. For a week. It's going to be so great.

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  1. Have fun<3 I would love to go to Greece one day!