Monday, 13 July 2015

Wednesday 1st July

Wednesday 1st July was the hottest day of the year so far. Where I live in South London, it was a bloody ridiculous 35 degrees Celsius. Stupid me didn't check the temperature predictions for the afternoon when I set out in the morning, so guess who wore black jeans? Me. Guess who nearly baked to death? Me.

I'm not really a fan of hot weather. I hate sweating and not being able to cool down, and - most of all - I hate having to shave my legs every time I want to wear a skirt of dress. I'm a hairy-leg-lovin kind of gal, and picking up the razor is something which I sort of dread, even though I'm not prepared to show the world my leg hair.

Here I am before I stepped outside and realised the country was experiencing desert-like temperatures. I, as a poor student, do not have enough money on my Oyster card for the bus, so I walked the 35 minutes from my house to the other side of town to meet my friend for lunch. It wasn't too much fun in super tight jeans, but this blouse is really really sheer and kept me pretty cool.

I love the pattern of the blouse too. I think it's from TK Maxx a couple of years ago, but they shut down TK Maxx in my town a while ago so I don't buy much from there anymore. Cries.

Finally, I thought I should dedicate a section to these shoes. You beautiful things, you're my first pair of sandals in about eight years. You were £12 from Primark, a total bargain, and you fit my feet like you were made for me. I've been wearing you at least five times a week since you came into my life over a month ago. I'm sorry I've scuffed you a little at the front - I'm very clumsy - but it just shows how well-worn and well-loved you are. You go with every single outfit I wear, so I don't even mind that sometimes you stain my feet grey because you're made with a really cheap material.

I feel like everyone should have a pair of sandals for the summer that they're absolutely in love with. This is mine!

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  1. WHAT no TK maxx how could they?! love the shirt so much, it's made me realise that I need more bright patterns in my life. thanks for the epiphany xx