Monday, 13 July 2015


On Friday 10th July, I found out that I've passed my first year of university. I was maybe 90% sure I hadn't failed, but it's just nice to have it confirmed. About 60% of my mark is made up of assessments and essays I've handed in over the course of the year, and the other 40% is from exams I sat in June. 

My assessment marks were a bit up and down throughout the three semesters - that is to say they fluctuated dramatically. Most of them were in the 2.1 range, but I've gone as high as 80, and as low as 47. How? I don't bloody know. In two of my four exams, I managed to get firsts, and I got a 2.1 in the third exam. But in the last one I got 43... that is nearly a fail?!?!?

So, to conclude, I nearly failed one module, I got 2.1s in two of them, and a first in another. That all comes out as a nice solid 2.1 which is alright given that this has been the laziest year of my life. Luv being a student.

I hope anyone else at uni is happy with their results for this year, u rock. Bring on second year!

PS. I don't mean to sound like a smug bitch but I just want to be able to look back at this in like five years and know what I got (because I have already lost the link to the results page lol...).

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