Thursday, 14 February 2013

The day the nerds won

Happy Valentine's Day guys! Lol, I don't really celebrate though, except for bacon sandwiches and a jog with my friend which will be happening on Monday. It's been a very long, tiring, boring week but it's so close to half term for which I am extremely thankful.

Outfit for Wednesday 13th February:

Cardigan: my mum's castoff
Top: Dorothy Perkins, £4
Skirt: TopShop, £28
Belt: TK Maxx

I'm pretty sure it's similar to what I wore on Friday but I don't remember what other people wore last week so they probably won't know I've worn this already, which is good.

Today was a very special day. No, I didn't get a card from an admirer, but I did do something very brave with my friends at lunchtime. We sat in the kool korner. Allow me to show what our sixth form common room looks like and the "seating plan" which we must all follow (or we get bitched about by the kool kids):

I really hope you can see my annotations on here. Each kind of sausage shaped thing represents rows of chairs and the double-sausages in the middle of the page represent chairs back to back (space saving, you know). So, my friends and I usually sit somewhere in the middle and the kool kids always always always have their korner on the bottom right hand side of the page. Today, I came up from getting my BLT and the common room was almost deserted, except for my friends and some other lovely people. I think everyone was out getting Tesco's Caesar salad or something. Well, the point is that the korner was also deserted. No one was there. What do you do when a situation like this strikes? You run over to the korner and plop yourself down, put on Do You Hear the People Sing, and turn the volume on the speakers all the way up. #SuchFun. Being the losers we are, we made a documentary style video about how it feels to sit in the korner and were interrupted by "owners" of the korner coming back in, about half an hour later. But they walked in, saw us, looked around the room, and walked back out. On what planet do you not sit in the common room just because someone has taken your spot? Like, there were about sixty other chairs but they'd rather walk around the school until next lesson than not sit by the speakers? It's kind of sad. It was sort of like something out of a film, like they looked so confused and then so disgusted, and just left. But you know what, that's maybe fifteen people in the sixth form out of about 300, so I can deal. And, tragically, this was the highlight of my day.

Song of the day:

Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae


  1. That is literally one of my favourite songs when I'm in a good mood!! That's so funny, I'd have loved to see that!! :P

    1. Such a feel-good song! Haha, if the video makes it onto facebook, you can watch it :p

  2. Good!! I hope to see it one day! :P I can't help but smile and dance when I hear it ^^

  3. This has made my day- thank you so much for sharing! I'm loving the use of Les Mis songs in your mini revolution ;)

    1. Haha I'm glad! Oh yes, the song choice definitely not a coincidence! x