Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Professor Brian Cox

I think Brian Cox is amazing. He's so intelligent and charismatic and wonderful - not that I've ever met him (I wish!) - and he used to be in a rock band. His voice is just so hypnotic and when he talks, you just believe everything that's coming out of his mouth. I'm not particularly interested in physics but when his programmes are on, I'll watch because I find he makes it really entertaining and I always feel like it was the best-spent hour of my day when it's over.

I recently read an article in the Telegraph magazine about him (by Bryony Gordon, one of my favourite journalists!) and it ended with this quotation from him:

"I suppose the best way to have some kind of religious experience, to develop some awe, is to actually learn about it... It is the difference between going outside and seeing a sky full of lights and a sky full of worlds."

I just thought it was such a beautiful quote and just about sums up how I feel about the whole science vs. religion debate. I'm pretty sure a lot of people disagree but I feel that science and religion, in relation to creation of the world, go hand in hand. I believe in both.

Song of the day:

Science and Faith - The Script

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