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Written on Sunday 4th October.

I'm back at uni, yay! I've been back for eight days now, but I had a really lovely last couple of days at home in London last week before heading up to Chester. I had lunch with my two best friends in a really cute new cafe in our town, followed by a shopping trip and lots of laughter. I also did a huge shop with my mum and got an early Christmas present, a blender! I can finally jump on the smoothie bandwagon!!! My mum and I also went for afternoon tea on the Friday of last week which was absolutely delicious. I can't really be bothered to put pictures into this post now but I might do a whole separate post full of photos and little captions later on.

As Chester is a solid four hour drive from where I live in South London, my dad and I usually stop off at my grandma's house in the midlands the night before to break up the journey a bit. My grandma was a total babe; she bought some pork pie for me because she knows how much I absolutely love it, and she also had some J2Os lurking about which completely made my evening!

My dad and I ran the Parkrun in Birkenhead the following morning and made a pitstop at McDonald's for a spot of breakfast. Then he deposited me and my bags at my uni house and began his six hour drive back home. The rugby world cup caused terrible traffic so he didn't get back until the evening which made me feel a bit bad for picking a uni so far away. It took me three hours to unpack everything I brought with me and then my housemate Amy and I spent a solid eight hours watching TV. Given that we didn't have a TV in our uni house last year, it's such a luxury having one this year and we all like to gather round it for a spot of Jeremy Kyle or Judge Rinder!

On Sunday, I hit up Aldi and here's a very boring list of what I bought:

Orange juice
Mixed peppers
Sausage rolls
Quorn mince
Chicken breast
Natural yoghurt
12 eggs
Supernoodles x2
Pizza x2
Chicken kievs

I'm kind of trying to do the healthy eating thing but I do still need things like pizza and chips, of course. I've made three smoothies in this past week so I feel like I'm kind of on my way to a healthier diet as I'm used to having like two portions of fruit/veg a week.

This is where I stopped writing and couldn't be arsed to finish it off and post it. So, here we are 12 days later. I'll try to pick up where I left off.

It's currently 4.36pm on Friday 16th October and I'm sat in my room. I finished my last seminar of the week a couple of hours ago, after which I came home, made some Supernoodles and watched Salem Falls on TV. This marks the end of my second week of lectures and already I can tell how much harder this year is going to be than last year. I'm feeling a bit out of my depth already which is pretty tragic given that I've only had four lectures and ten seminars in total.

I seem to spend most of my time watching TV with my housemates and bitching about how messy the whole house is. Basically, I live with pigs and it's all a fucking state. My one other tidy housemate and I proposed the idea of a cleaning rota today because when pasta is constantly blocking the kitchen plughole and there's brown foam dried onto the floor of the shower, you know it's time to do something. But no, no one else seems to give a shit that we're living in squalor. I'm not even like a neat freak or OCD or anything but I don't like it when there's not even room to put a plate on the kitchen counter. Anyway, I'll stop ranting about the kitchen and just wrap things up now.

I'm aware that this is like a super convoluted post which is probably because I'm attempting to smoosh 12 days together in two paragraphs. I also need to be up mega early tomorrow because I'm giving accommodation and campus tours for our university's open day from 9am till 4pm. God help me. It's probably time for me to sit down in front of the TV with a spoon and a jar of Nutella.

Hope you're all well and loving life in your probably very tidy and clean houses. xo

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