Monday, 1 June 2015

Revision innit

Revision sucks. We all know that but we all do it because we have to. Or we fail. I've been revising-but-not-really these past couple of weeks for my four end of year exams. First year doesn't count (not that my mum believes me when I tell her that!) so I'm not too stressed and I haven't actually been working terribly hard. It's funny because on this day a year ago, I was working my arse off for my A level exams, and I even blogged about it.

I've had two exams which went okay-ish, and I've got another two lined up - one in three days and one in nine days. And then in 12 days, I'm packing up all my stuff and moving home!!!! I can't wait and, sad as it is to be leaving this beautiful little place I've called home since September, I'm so excited to be home for the summer.

Despite never having set foot in the library to do work EVER in my time at uni, I made an exception a couple of weeks ago and, every couple of days, I've been trotting down there to do a lil bit of revision. I've even taken photos with my textbooks to prove it.

See all that revision in the form of mind maps on the wall behind me?!?! Mama, I'm working!!!

It looks like I have a hideous growth on my ankle in that first picture so here's a hyper me showing you my normal sized ankle. I think I must have been delirious from all dat hard work. Not.

It's very unlikely that any other uni student in the entire fucking world is still doing exams, because it seems like everyone is finished and at home now, but if you are then I hope it's not too bad. Also, good luck, we can do this, and you ROCK. God, I'm getting all emosh about finishing first year. Here's to us (me)!

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  1. yoooo I hate that nearly everyone else seems to have finished exams. I still have two more and I don't finish till monday!! life is great!! just focus an all the wonderful opportunities you will get to do absolutely nothing at all afterwards.