Tuesday, 30 December 2014

(1). My Christmas at home - Reunions

Wew, someone (me) got lazy and didn't post for over three weeks. I've been back from uni for ten days now and Christmas has been and gone. Of the 10 nights I've been back in de old London town, only 5 have been spent in my own bed because we went to my Grandma's house for the most miserable Christmas of my life. My cousins and aunt and uncle came over from America for the week and Grandma Green thinks the sun shines out of their arses so I didn't really have a great time witnessing their preferential treatment. On the bright side, the food was great and now I've got a fab stash of twelve books to work my way through, as well as lots of moneyz and cute lil bits and bobs.

The day after I got home from uni, my um, boyfriend (it's been like half a year and I'm still not used to saying that), Tom, picked me up at the ungodly hour of 8.30am for a cheeky McDonald's drive thru experience. We then drove over to Box Hill and climbed up some hella steep hills before having a nice little walk across the top of it. Walking back down was terrifying. Afterwards, I went into town with my dad and we just pootled round the shops. It was nice to be back in the town I've grown up in after being away from it for three months.

On Monday, Tom and I popped up to Camden because we hadn't been there together since July. We ate the Christmas special burger at Honest - absolutely amazing, by the way! - and picked up a few bits and pieces in the markets. I also got a sweet jumper from H&M, which I'll probably do a post on later because I love it so much, and tried the toffee latte in McDonald's - absolutely disgusting, by the way! Then we went to Southbank, the place of our first proper date (lol) and sat by the river reminiscing about the carefree days of year thirteen, and probably looking very pathetic doing so. In the evening, we drove over to a Christmas-jumper-themed party to see lots of our friends who we'd been apart from since September. Needless to say, I don't remember much of that night (see second photo for evidence), but a breakfast at McDonald's on Tuesday consisting of a Big Mac meal pepped me up nicely.

The rest of Tuesday was just spent at Tom's house chillllllin and admiring his various Christmas trees which are absolutely stunning. My mum took my brother and me out to the Harvester for dinner in the evening and we went for a little digestive walk along a road where 80% of the houses have the most insane Christmas lights. They even have collection boxes on their driveways to help fund their electricity bills because it's such a huge "tourist" attraction in our area. When we got home, I packed insanely fast because we were leaving for my grandma's place the next day. I'm honestly the worst over-packer in the entire world.

I seem to have forgotten how to blog because now my fingers are tired from typing and all the thoughts in my head have turned to mush. There's no way I'm going to be able to continue this summary of my Christmassy time, so let's break it down into parts, this being part one. I'll be back for part two when I can be bothered, and when I can actually get everything down coherently!

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