Sunday, 12 October 2014

Uni: week two

The lack of posting I'm doing on here stresses me out a bit, but I've actually been so crazy busy. We've been thrown in at the deep end and I'm kind of worried because I know the second and third years of uni are going to be absolutely killer compared to this. I've had two lectures and four seminars, and I've probably done about ten hours of extra reading this week. And we're only at the beginning!

I'm keeping this short and sweet - not a day by day account like last week - and it's going to be picture-filled so I don't have to write a lot #Slacker!

My housemates and I met Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore on Monday, and asked her to do an ugly face with us. I whipped out the iconic slug face and we had a great time laughing about it afterwards. I'm so happy that I've magically been housed with girls who are so similar to me and have a lot of the same interests. Chester Accommodation Team, you did good.

I don't really remember a lot of what else I got up to this week that wasn't lectures, seminars, reading or taking notes. I had a particularly wild night out on Friday which resulted in lots of vomit and therefore a little bit of embarrassment. I did go for a little midnight ride on the elephant though, and I think my face says it all.

Shout out to BFF housemate Amy for sharing her pizza and indulging in some crap dancing with me.

Even though I was hanging like heeellll on Saturday morning, I went into town with my other housemate Georgia to pick up some Halloween decorations and birthday presents for Amy. All hail Pound World! We got back when it was raining so we snuggled up inside with a 60p pizza from Tesco and 89p curly fries from Aldi. It was so cosy. Then we decorated the house and the front window for Halloween:

Week two of uni has been fabulous and I'm excited for the rest of my time here. I don't miss home too much, but I miss my best friend and boyf lots. He's coming to visit in five days (!!!!), my mum is coming in 10 days (!!!!) and my best friend is booking time off work to come up soon. All is good! Hope you're all loving uni or sixth form or work and that you're happy and healthy (an apple a day makes you feel so good about yourself, even if you're eating fried chicken the rest of the time).

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